Client Stories from HR Thinking

HR Thinking has been privileged to contribute to the success of a growing roster of clients, representing diverse industries, circumstances, and requirements. Their stories may help you visualize how HR Thinking can answer the HR needs of your firm.

  • International Law - San Francisco, CA.

    This international law firm experienced full HR Department turnover. Initially retained to provide staffing leadership, HR Thinking went on to provide interim management of the full HR function, rebuilding the HR staff, while continuing the excellent customer service this world-class organization was accustomed to. HR Thinking was responsible for:

    ..... Developing a rapid understanding of culture and needs.
    ..... Participating in management team meetings.
    ..... Establishing relationships with stakeholders, vendors and staff.
    ..... Being liaison with corporate HR Leadership at headquarters.
    ..... Handling direct recruitment of management and staff.
    ..... Spearheading employee communications and meetings.
    ..... Hiring new HR Department to take over the project.

  • International Consulting Firm - Emeryville, CA.

    A large, international consulting firm lost its Senior Employee Relations Manager and needed to bridge the time between the departure of the previous manager and the hiring of a new manager. HR Thinking was responsible for:

    ..... ER function for multi-state, multi-national offices.
    ..... Oversight of staff.
    ..... Interviewing and participating in the selection and training of the new manager.

  • Financial Services - San Rafael, CA.

    As a recent management buyout, the new owners of this nationwide mortgage hedging services firm needed assistance in setting up their business processes, benefits, employee communications, and policies.

    HR Thinking took the responsibility of getting this new structure designed, in place, and operational within a 90 day window. After launch of the new firm, HR Thinking provided close support to the organization, and fine tuned the programs to fit the emerging business needs. Ongoing services include:

    ..... Assisting with compliance issues.
    ..... Benefits design.
    ..... Providing general guidance and advice as needed.

  • Civil Engineering - Oakland, CA.

    This multi-office, multi-state civil engineering client needed help to quickly fill a leadership void when the top human resources officer departed on short notice. HR Thinking provided various services on a recurring basis, including:

    ..... Defining the hiring process.
    ..... Preparing a staffing plan.
    ..... Refining the performance review process.
    ..... Developing a new compensation plan.
    ..... Improving corporate communications and employee relations.
    ..... Mentoring the HR and administrative staffs.
    ..... Hiring key executive positions.
    ..... Participation in the leadership team.

  • BioTech Engineering - Napa, CA.

    This mid-sized process controls engineering firm, with offices in northern and southern California, embraced the emerging trend of outsourcing non-core competencies, including Human Resources.

    HR Thinking provided a broad array of HR services on an ongoing basis for over two years. HR Thinking partnered with the management team to set HR strategy, and provided an onsite presence one to two days a week to handle routine HR activities. Customized HR programs included:

    ..... In-house training program.
    ..... 360 degree review process.
    ..... Strategic planning facilitation.
    ..... Employee recognition program.

  • Boutique Law Firm - San Francisco, CA.

    This specialty law firm's fast growth in a hot market outstripped its existing staffing model, putting too much day-to-day administrative burden on the principals. HR Thinking initially worked with the principals to lay out an overall design for growing the firm. HR Thinking then implemented a new staffing model with flexibility to address the current challenges as well as to meet future needs. After developing a "vision", HR Thinking was able to help create a new compensation plan that aligned performance incentives with business goals. Ongoing services provided by HR Thinking included:

    ..... Design of a new office space to reflect the firm's progressive culture.
    ..... Improvements to employee communication.
    ..... Attorney retreat facilitation.
    ..... Performing Firm Administrator functions as required.

  • Specialty Manufacturing - Petaluma, CA.

    This national manufacturing company faced a huge growth spurt with insufficient HR staff to execute the required rapid recruiting program. HR Thinking partnered with the in-house HR Manager to develop and execute a comprehensive recruiting program. Together, job descriptions, advertising collateral, and other support material for a broad diversity of positions were developed, and then placements were filled directly through candidate evaluations, screenings, interviews, ratings, selections, and ultimate hiring of qualified personnel.

  • Lighting Design - San Francisco, CA.

    This creative lighting design firm engaged HR Thinking to review their HR practices and to assist with key hirings. The challenge with this firm was identification of candidate sourcing tools. HR Thinking successfully put a program in place, and then filled key positions including sales management, office manager and accounting staff.

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